YISGUM was established in February 2013 and has been authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security as an organization providing occupational health and safety services and consultancy services.

We are providing these services to the construction industry, cement plants and ready-mixed concrete plants, mining industry, clothing industry, the food industry, cliche production and television serials industryas Turkey’s most important companies to the solution partnership offering as well as occupational safety and health services, safety training and consulting services.

To improve the quality of services provided to institutions in recent years beyond the traditional training methods, technology is the best way using safety training modules (VIRTUAL SAFETY) with applying virtual reality to occupational health by performing for the first time and safety training concept in Turkey has brought a new perspective.

Our aim with this project is; to become the Center of Occupational Health and Safety that we have demonstrated by using the technology in the best way without forgetting that the person is a special entity.