Kle Bilgi Teknolojileri (Kletech) (www.kletech.com) is an Istanbul based R&D and innovation company, offering software and technology development and solutions. YOKAYA (www.yokaya.com) is the IOT brand and solution of Kle, which was developed with the latest technologies and provides real time vehicle tracking, fleet management, M2M solutions, asset, agriculture, farming, person and pet tracking services to users, telemetric control and decision systems solutions.

Eventus Medikal ve Bilişim Teknolojileri, in partnership with Kle, has been offering after sales cloud services for medical devices (CardiLink –www.cardi-link.com), IoT defibrillators (www.cardiaid.com),cardioprotection and mobile health (kalpdurmasin), and smart city IoT solutions (Trinity Mobility –www.trinitymobility.com). We are building Digital Platforms using IoT applications to transform the way we live and work, making Cities Safe,Livable and Sustainable