AYVOS develops image processing based value added software and automation systems based on machine learning, neural networks and deep learning. Our products solve many problems at different verticals like;

– Advertisement & Marketing
– Agriculture
– Security
– Fire Detection
– Face Recognition based Fraud Detection

– Can count the real people passing in front of an advetisement board
– Can count the exact number of people who are really looking the advertisement board
– Can segmentify people as; man/woman, teen/adult/old, thin/normal/fat, angry/normal/happy
– Supply real value of an advertisement board through measurement of data from field

– Can analyse scene change detection through motion detection and color segmentifying
– Give advantage to control any change at greenplants without need to use of additional sensors

– Can ignore if a flame was seen on scene through motion detection, color segmentifying and machine learning
– Provide real-time fire alarm for critical places, areas without smoke sensors or high ceiled zones

– Can count people at any specified area through deep learning
– Generate heat map of an area at a timeline through detecting the real count of people
– Retail sector can gain too many advantages about delighting their customers

– Can count passengers getting on/off the public transportation vehicles
– Can detect face while using subscription card and check if the user is card owner through
analysing the sex and age of the related face snapshot and comparing with card owner’s data at information system
– Decrease OPEX cost for municipalities about detecting fraud cases