Okyanus Technology

Okyanus Technology is a technology company that manufactures industrial IOT, RTLS and Active RFID solutions for different sectors. Okyanus Technology is a research and design center specializing in real time personel tracking, equipment tracking, forklift tracking, construction machine tracking, vehicle tracking, environment monitoring, manufacture tracking, occupational safety and wireless measurement subjects.Founded in 2005, Okyanus Technology operates in 25 countries with its subsidiaries. It has successfully carried out various projects and created products in the field of Industry 4.0, IoT, RFID, mobile technologies and communication technologies and has developed a broad solution family with WIPELOT© brand.

Okyanus Technology is engaged in research, development and design activities in hardware and software fields, adding new and high quality new generationproducts every day to Wipelot solution family which are providing resource management, digitizing processes, improving workflows, visibility, safety & efficiency.Wipelot offers suitable solutions developed exclusively for high-traffic industrial and demanding work environments in digital transformation, and these solutions arepreferred by Turkey’s and world’s leading companies in manufacturing, mining, aviation, construction, metal, automotive, textile, energy, food and health sectors.

Okyanus Technology isat the service of its valued customers with customer satisfaction oriented business sense, field experience, happy references, strong collaborations and award winning Wipelot solutions in efficiency & innovation.