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Tomasz Pactwa

Tomasz Pactwa is responsible for social matters at the city of Warsaw that includes policy dedicated to families, seniors and people with disabilities. He started his professional career with the NGO as a fundraiser and soon became a project manager. From 2002 he has been working for public and last ten years for the City Hall of Warsaw, started as a head of unit and currently as director of the social affairs department. Among series of social innovative projects implemented, he is especially proud with three projects i )Virtual Warsaw –complex program consists of components that transform city to be more accessible for visually impaired, provides e-parking system covering more than 30 thousand spots, reforms tourism and brings precise information about pollutions; ii) Looked @fter – project that provides comprehensive home care services for dependent seniors; iii) Map of social problems which allows to indicate the city zones in danger of social exclusion. He successfully implemented the social clauses at the city.