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Tibor Komroczki

Tibor Komroczki is the Head of Process Information and Automation in MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company.
Tibor Komróczki has been working at MOL since 1987. He started his career at the FCC unit and has moved through different roles over time. In 2001 he joined the Process Information team as an application developer.
Since 2009 he has lead the Process Information team and in 2013 he was appointed the leader of the Integrated Information and Automation team in MOL’s Technology and Development department. Komroczki has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineer and a Masters in Computer Sciences. Komroczki has led many automation and information projects at MOL refinery and rolled out these systems to other refineries and petrochemical sites. Komroczki team has created many successful projects in the Refinery and operates valuable systems.