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Rodney Kincaid

Rodney Kincaid CEO world investor and mural painter
( will be speaking in Turkey at IoT EurAsia.

He will make available to EuraAsian clients more than 50 Million in financing
for companies needing back up energy storage, software and services for telecommunications.

Balmoral Financial is a private equity and investment firm based in locations in Hong Kong, London UK, St. Petersburg Russia, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. They have a long specialization in Medical Wireless Home Health Care and other technology in M&A Banking and investing. Now in their off-shore business they are experts in Renewable energy and Movies.

Rodney’s professional experience is that of an entrepreneur, financier, business owners, investment bankers and international deal maker. He is also a mural painter
He has always been a business owner with a network of quality partners. His international travels have taken him to more than 50 countries on projects and general business.