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Önder Özturan

He started his professional career in 1993, working in Information and Operation Technologies (IT – OT) areas. With the discipline of Electronic Engineer (MSc), he had developed solutions in the field of industrial automation and manufacturing execution systems. He has worked on multi-disciplinary IT solutions at leading system integrators and has been involved in projects in the telecommunications, energy, retail and manufacturing sectors.He focused on cloud, big data and Internet of Things. He ventured start-ups on customer behavior analysis in the retail, and on customer service quality experience measurement in the telecommunications industry.Since February 2016, Önder Özturan has been serving as Special Solutions and Business Development Director at Data Market. He has focused on operational efficiency, traceability and enterprise intelligence based solutions, leveraging the digitalization which has inevitably changed the business world,Focusing on cloud technologies, Internet of Things and industrial 4.0, all which are destructive or evolutionary pilars of transformation, he is working on realizing next generation solutions in legacy and new-evolving verticals.