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Olcay Taysi

In 1995 he became a double majored graduate of SDSU Software and Mathematical Engineering. Until 1997, he worked in various positions in the private sector. He started his professional business life by establishing his first company in 1997. Over the years, he managed major software projects such as the UYAP, Digital Signature, Computerized Education. The partnership that started with SADE R&D in 2007 continues today as a partner of five separate companies under SADELABS roof. Group; develops and manufactures end-to-end M2M and IoT solutions. Products of SADE are exported from South America to the Middle East. Today, the group manages over 1.5 M “connected devices”. This year; he founded IoT Network Operator company with the name IoTNetOP. The company provides end-to-end LPWAN solutions. For the first time in IoT world; company offers a “as a service” model of sensors, connectivity and platform services from a single point and without requiring the customer to make any investment.