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Nikica Mikulandra

Nikica Mikulandra is currently deputy director in KONCAR Electronics and Informatics Inc. in Croatia, a manufacturer of advanced electronics and systems and director in Upland Global Wireless Technology in Nigeria, an IoT/M2M telecom company. He has over 20 years of experience in engineering, development and business including number of projects in power sector, system integration, automation and telemetry. He also served as business development manager in charge of global market for remote monitoring in O&G upstream sector. He led the O&G IoT program in KONCAR and was part of team establishing first M2M network in Nigeria using the RPMA platform. Various O&G companies in Nigeria currently use this network to provide wellhead and pipeline monitoring as well as transmitting field SCADA data to the office domain. He is focused on SaaS platform development and custom HW design. Nikica Mikulandra has M. Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Zagreb