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Bora Yilmaz

Bora Yılmaz is part of the Revo Capital founding team, the largest early stage technology venture capital fund in Turkey with $66 million AUM dedicated only for IOT, B2B cloud and neo-commerce enabler startups. After being involved in product management in leading Turkish enterprises such as Arcelik or Turkcell, Bora followed his entrepreneur instincts and formed a GSM services company for operators in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Turkey. He had to interrupt his entrepreneur career abroad after five years due to family reasons and the economic crisis in the region and settled back to Turkey in 2010 to lead projects for Turkcell as an entrepreneur-in-residence and then moved to Tahincioğlu in 2012, as the IT Business Development Manager. Bora is currently involved in Revo’s deal selection and portfolio management since its inception in 2013 in various technologies such as cloud, advertising, marketing, connected home, logistics, HR and more. He is also a mentor in various startup incubation or acceleration programs.