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Bora Gemicioğlu

Mr. Bora Gemicioglu has graduated from Galatasaray High School and has a degree in Law from Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law in 2004 and an LL.M. degree from Essex University in 2006. His areas of expertise include Corporate and Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Local and Foreign Investments, Contracts Law and IT Law. Mr. Gemicioğlu, who is the Legal Counsel of the Association of E-commerce Operators (ETID), serves the most up-to-date and efficient solutions regarding active project consultancy and time-varying legal statute and practice on the areas IT Law, E-commerce and Personal Data Protection and has been a provider of legal consultancy on compliance projects and online reputation protection for the companies doing business E-commerce and IT sectors. Mr. Gemicioglu speaks Turkish, English and French and currently holds membership in Istanbul Bar Association.